Bitcoin Aussie System Test & Review – Scam or Not?

We have been aware of numerous websites that use fake endorsements from celebrities to send customers to brokers that are not regulated and call centres. Our website will only direct customers to partners that have given us the necessary regulatory assurances. It is a marketing opportunity and our partners that are regulated will provide information about the services they offer after registration.

Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrency have moved away from being the sole preserve of the highly skilled few to become mainstream.

A lot of people are aware that digital currencies offer enormous potential for profit and utilize software such as Bitcoin Aussie System in order to streamline the process of trading and increase efficiency.

The industry of cryptocurrency trading software is still in development and scams are very common. In this regard, this review aims to assess the legitimacy that is the Bitcoin Aussie System, as and also show how you can use it.

Bitcoin Aussie System

What is the Bitcoin Aussie System?

Bitcoin Aussie System can be described as an automated trading system that takes care of everything for you which means you simply switch to an autotrading option and continue with your other tasks. According the website, it takes only about 20 minutes to put the robot in trading mode and then you’ll be finished for the day. The robot employs sophisticated techniques and strategies to analyze and observe the market for cryptocurrency for opportunities to trade profitably.

Who’s Behind the Bitcoin Aussie System?

Jasper Boyle, an Australian national, launched an app called the Bitcoin Aussie System app in the year 2016. Boyle is an engineer with a professional background who began to take an interest in the crypto market specifically Bitcoin in 2013. After spotting an opportunity, Boyle decided to develop an application for trading that leverages developments in the crypto market to help traders win. The high rate of success has brought up to the very top in the market for trading robots in cryptocurrency not just in Australia but all over the world.

Due to the popularity in the trader, Boyle is part of the new riche cropping of the cryptoverse. The popularity of Bitcoin Aussie System is not just due to the power of its algorithms however, it also has a strong relationship with regulated and well-known brokers. It is the first time that users aren’t required to worry about the security of trading on cryptocurrency platforms.

How to Use Bitcoin Aussie System

1. Get Started

To begin, you have to sign up for an account on the Bitcoin Aussie System account. It’s easy! On their website an attractively-lit window asks for your name, first and last name, email address and phone number. After confirming that you have entered the correct information then click „Register“.

2. Deposit Funds

When you submit your registration information After submitting registration details, you’ll notice that the page refreshes to an exchange platform. In our instance, we were transferred into a platform for trading that is an agent in our area. The trading platform allows you can finish the registration process for your account by providing additional information like your address and birth information. After you have submitted the information the customer service representative will contact you via telephone, however this can only be done by providing an actual number. In the course of the call you will be guided through the procedure for activating the account through making a minimum deposit of $250. The broker that we have affiliated with was selected for was able to accept a variety of payment options, including credit cards

3. Demo Account

Bitcoin Aussie System has a demo function that allows users get acquainted of the trading platform prior to making the transition into live trades. A demo account is simple to establish and is created, it does not require any funds in the account. Demo accounts are pre-funded with $25,000 in dummy funds to allow users to test their trading experience. Because you can make trades without regard for the risks involved with trading in cryptocurrency it is a fantastic chance to test the trading system to its maximum. It is also the perfect time to master how to use stop loss and profit strategies to control risks for your trading positions.

4. Start Trading

Bitcoin Aussie System accepts a minimum deposit of $250. That means you are able to deposit more, but not over $30,000. Credit card transactions only allow a maximum amount of $2,000 since credit card companies are more stringent when it comes to the implementation of AML rules. In the initial registration the account manager will contact you to guide you through the process of activating your account and will show you how to conduct the first transaction. It is recommended to only begin trading once you’ve had time to practice enough on the trial account. Make sure to begin small and allow yourself the chance to gain confidence enough to make bigger investments on the market.

Key Features of Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin Aussie System is popular all over the world due to the range of options. A few of these include:


Bitcoin Aussie System claims that the deposit of $250 can yield the daily sum of $1,100 and a $500 deposit will yield a profit per day of at minimum $2,000. We also spoke to past customers on the internet, who said that the trading robot offers an acceptable payout. However, the users (some of whom are members of the Bitcoin Aussie System fraternity) warned that the payment that they are expecting is proportional to the size of their deposits. Other factors that influence the amount of money you receive include your experience and knowledge of the market for cryptocurrency.

Verification System

Verification of registration data begins immediately. After we had registered an account in order to test this trading bot, an service agent contacted us to confirm the information we provided. The person who called us was serve as our accounts manager, and the agent explained to us the required information and the best way to submit them. Additionally, he sent an email to us further details regarding the activation of our account. The information we had to provide for verification included the proof of residency and evidence of payment. Additionally, our account manager requested us to give our bank details based upon the payment method we prefer. Since we had digital wallets and we had an email address of the account for digital wallet.

The Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin Aussie System Bitcoin Aussie System accepts withdrawal requests anytime of the day, and at as many times as it is possible. A withdrawal request needs to be approved before the information are passed on to the service provider you have chosen during account set up. The good thing is that the process is swift and easy. You will receive a notice on your account along with an email that updates you on the process. This process will take in less than 24 hours from the time of initiation. If you don’t have funds in your bank account for 24 hours, it’s likely that your provider might be experiencing delays.

Costs and Fees

The information on the charges you pay for making use of a robot for trading is vital as it helps to calculate the net return generated during a particular trading time. As per their site, no transactions that are made through the platform will incur a cost. Making an account through the application is completely absolutely free. The withdrawals are also free, which means that all the money that are in your account belong to you. The software also does not take commissions from winnings.

Customer Service

The customer service we received was excellent. Agents contact new users right away upon receiving the request to set up an account. If you’re not accessible the customer service team will send you an email with all the pertinent details. But it is essential that you provide an accurate phone number in order to facilitate the process of communicating. Chat is available in the trading platform for communication with customer service in the event that all channels fail or you don’t are comfortable with the channel.

Affiliated Brokers

Bitcoin Aussie System is merely an application for trading that allows cryptocurrency automated trading. It is for this reason that they work with brokers to link traders to the market for cryptocurrency. When you sign up you’ll notice that you’re automatically redirected to an online trading platform. This platform for trading is operated by brokers that work together with the software to provide an excellent trading experience. We are able to confirm we have a broker that is registered and is considered to be one of the top available in the region. We believe this is true for all brokers which are part of the Bitcoin Aussie System cooperates with.