Did Fox Business accidentally interview a Bitcoin SV supporter?

The interview with Bitcoin SV supporter Jimmy Nguyen at Fox Business ended abruptly after only two minutes.

An unusual interview with Bitcoin SV (BSV) supporter Jimmy Nguyen on Fox Business today seems to have been interrupted after Nguyen continued to criticize Bitcoin.

Nguyen appeared in the Dec. 3 episode of Fox Business‘ „Varney and Co.“ to discuss the growing interest in Bitcoin, but the interview ended abruptly after a total of about two minutes.

Introduced as the founding president of the „Bitcoin Association,“ Nguyen repeatedly spoke about Bitcoin in response to questions from host Stuart Varney suggesting that Bitcoin was being used more and more for payments.

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There was no mention of Bitcoin SV either in the graphics, or in the introduction, or in the interview itself, which led to speculation that the presenter, or the producers (or both) might not have been aware that the „President of the Bitcoin Association“ was actually a supporter of the controversial BSV fork.

When asked by host Stuart Varney if he believed that the use of Bitcoin as a currency was still expanding, Nguyen responded, „No, I don’t agree with that. I think Bitcoin is rarely used today to pay for things in stores. Nguyen went on to say that Bitcoin’s „inability to scale“ is the main culprit in the „$7“ transaction fees that prevent it from being used as currency for everyday transactions.

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Nguyen also used his brief time on the air to reject Bitcoin’s „store of value“ narrative while claiming that it has been „raising its price recently. As an example of what he believes is a misuse of Bitcoin, he mentioned companies that have added large amounts of BTC to their holdings in recent months:

„Public companies such as MicroStrategy and Square have bought up large reserves of the currency and are treating it as a reserve asset, hoping that it will rise in value just by parking it, not by actually using it for transactions in everyday business and consumer life.

Bitcoin supporters and BSV critics connected to Twitter to comment on some of the oddities surrounding the interview, indicating that they found it odd that Jimmy Nguyen, one of the main faces behind Bitcoin SV, was invited by Fox Business to speak about Bitcoin (BTC).

He also indicated as curious the fact that Nguyen didn’t have the opportunity to mention BSV at all in the brief interview, leaving the mention of his position as the founding president of the Bitcoin Association without any context to suggest that it is a BSV organization. Twitter user Zectro said, „It’s delicious that he went there for the sole purpose of making a BSV joke and he couldn’t even get it right.

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Bitcoin SV’s claim to be the „real“ Bitcoin, and its use of the Bitcoin Association name, rather than the more correct „Bitcoin SV Association“ name, invites comparisons with Roger Ver’s Bitcoin Cash promotion and sales through the Bitcoin.com website, which has led to potential confusion among newcomers to cryptology.

Beginning in late March, Nguyen took a long hiatus on Twitter, prompting statements that he was intentionally avoiding a subpoena regarding Satoshi plaintiff Craig Wright’s ongoing legal battle with Dave Kleiman’s estate. He returned to the platform in mid-June, where he remains a strong supporter and promoter of Bitcoin SV.

On September 30, Nguyen wrote a guest article for Cointelegraph expressing his desire to see the world unite behind a single blockhain.